UR Allowance

  • Project:​ UR Allowance
  • Technology Stack: ​ Ethereum, React-native, Node js ,Truffle(web3 js), ethers js,Koa js kubernetes container.
  • Concept: Smart Contract.


UR Allowance family contracts helps to achieve parenting and financial goals with the help of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

  • The UR Allowance platform (currently under development) it will be the tool that helps parents/teachers/guardians teach kids financial responsibility and give them that sense of pride missing in today’s youth.
  • The UR Allowance platform has a two sided user interface (parents and kids) with access to Family-Smart Contracts that are powered by the URA deposited by parents. URAPP will offer our proprietary URSuite of tools for parents to interact with while customizing the perfect financial plan tailored to their needs. Then parents can set tasks and goals for their kids. When these tasks are completed or the goals are met, the Family-Smart Contract releases the funds to the kid’s wallet. The kids then have many options for spending or saving or increasing their earned money.
  • This can be achieved with the UR Allowance platform’s Family-Smart Contracts (FSC). FSCs can solidify the unity of UR-Family (your family) while simultaneously embracing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. OUR future and the future for UR-kids (your kids) will be entangled with them.
UR Allowance User Interface 1
UR Allowance User Interface 2
UR Allowance User Interface 3
UR Allowance User Interface 4
UR Allowance User Interface 5
UR Allowance User Interface 6