About Share and Change:

Share and Change is a non-profit organisation bent on improving the world globally in any way they can, wherever and whenever they can and regard every contribution towards this goal as a step forward.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Delivered Scalable Web Application along with Multilingual capabilities.
  • A common platform was built which can be used by both individuals and NGO’s.
  • The users include Individuals, NGO’s, Volunteers, Experts and Learners.
  • Have created multiple login functionalities which is user centric and user friendly.
  • Various Social media platforms bas been integrated.

Technology Stack:

Angular JS, Moment JS, JQuery, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest API, Apache and Cloud.

Reference URL: https://shareandchange.org/

Share and Change User Interface 1
Share and Change User Interface 2
Share and Change User Interface 3