ABOUT Hyperledger fabric

  • Project:​ Supply Chain Management (​Hyperledger fabric)
  • Technology Stack: ​​Angular 4 js, Yeoman, Hyperledger Fabric,hyperledgercomposer,CouchDB, Node js,Docker.


  • Oil and gas is our primary industry segment in initial use case testing of proofs of concept and pilot testing.
  • Our first proof-of-concept, Oilfield Truck Ticketing eliminates the need for paper tickets left in mason jars and lockboxes, and fully integrates, automates, and brings together all of the participants in a run ticket transaction including the Lease Operator, Trucking Company, and First Purchaser
  • The permissioned blockchain network based on Hyperledger Fabric will help companies fully integrate run ticket management from truck service requests to sales at first purchaser and will fully automate via smart contracts run ticket reconciliation and interest owner payment in phase II.



Hyperledger Fabric Model