ABOUT Ethereum

  • Project:​ Supply Chain Management (Ethereum)
  • Technology Stack: ​ Ethereum/Blockchain.
  • Concept: Smart Contract.
  • Tools: Truffle(web3js).


  • Attempts to promote sustainability in the clothing industry have focused on using eco-materials and more resource efficient production. However, the scale of production and consumption has increased to levels where the benefits of technical improvements are reduced.
  • Creating true sustainability in the fashion industry requires reducing the material flow of clothing, addressing both sustainable production and consumption.
  • It is Developed for the Textile industry to keep Transparency, Traceability, and Sustainability of the Brand, Supplier, and Customers.
  • All transaction movement of the Cotton, Yarn, Cloth, and Fabric information is maintained in Digital Ledger using Ethereum smart contract.
  • The evidence information will be traceable at any level.