About Didalio Inc:

Didalio Accelerator is a SaaS app that simplifies how businesses develop and distribute digital content via mobile devices. BCM(Business Content manager) is used by organisations to create and send the pass to customers.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Developed suit of the products (Didalio Accelerator, wallet, wallet reader, person verification, wallet SDKs) and integrated well.
  • Fit for while able product and hosting product through our cohesive architecture components.
  • Load balancing to manage heavy loads.
  • Providing umbrella services from web to mobile.

Technology Stack:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Json, Bootstrap3, JQuery, Ajax, Jfree charts, Java/JEE, Struts2, Spring, JPA, Hibernate3, Jersey REST Services, Google wallet, passkit, twilio, contact verify, AWS, turbo and Godaddy email services, s3fs, MongoDB, MySQL.

Didalio Wallet User Interface 1
Didalio Wallet User Interface 2
Didalio Wallet User Interface 3