Big Data Consulting Services

Rowzzy provides our clients with sophisticated Cloud Computing / Big Data consulting solutions. A recognised leader in providing complete, end-to-end technology-enabled business solutions. Foster an environment of continuous education enabling us to push the latest technological advancements and trends. We believe groupthink and conformity is not necessarily the road towards creativity and innovation.

We excel at delivering stable and reliable software through standards-based Agile Development and Scrum principles. Our specialities include providing real-time interactive applications through cloud-infrastructures and delivering exceptional data analytics solutions using Big Data. Proven past performance within Government and Private Sector.

Delivering real-time, reliable, scalable, distributed solutions for storing, analysing, retrieving, alerting, and visualisation of data-intensive problems. Providing real-time and batch analytics processing solutions focusing on Big Data. Utilizing standards and open source technologies to provide low-cost quick deliverables following Agile methodologies using an iterative approach.

Deep experience and strategic expertise in Big Data having worked with Industry-leading CIO’s in identifying big data use cases and Big data Vendor selection. Deep partner ecosystem of many of the big data products and solutions firms so if there’s a product out there, we will find it. Certified in pre-sales and technical aspects of multiple big data Technologies.

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Big Data Analytics Solutions

Rowzzy Co. has a tremendous outreach program, which gives us access to qualified and talented individuals who are respected experts in their field. Rowzzy also partners and interacts closely with open-source software providers to ensure close communication with the Subject Matter Experts. Rowzzy currently supports programs utilising cutting edge distributed cloud architectures providing real-time collection and analytic solutions.

Technologies we use

  • Hadoop, Accumulo, HBase, NoSQL solutions
  • IBM Streams, Twitter Storm real-time analytics
  • Map/Reduce batch analytics
  • Event Stream & amp; Complex Event Processing
  • Spark with Hadoop roadmap Solutions
  • Java, Hadoop, spark framework is used to build a decision data set to achieve a low-cost solution
  • Spark enables speed, agility and relative ease of use is perfect complements to MapReduce low cost of operation

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